The Good Witch's Charm
Good Witch's Charm Poster
TV Movie Information
Directed by Craig Pryce
Written by G. Ross Parker
Rod Spence (based on characters by)
Starring Catherine Bell
Original channel Hallmark Channel
Released date October 27, 2012
Running time 1 hour 22 minutes
Country United States
Lauguage English
Preceded by The Good Witch's Family
Followed by The Good Witch's Destiny

The Good Witch's Charm is a 2012 American television film that aired on the Hallmark Channel on October 27, 2012, and is the fifth installment in the series of The Good Witch television movies.


Parents of teething baby Grace, Cassie Nightingale and Chief of Police Jake Russell, are being run ragged from lack of sleep and busy schedules. The family is looking forward to their vacation next week, on the anniversary of the day that Jake and Cassie first met. Poor Lori is often left to care for the baby, as Cassie’s duties as mayor are proving to be demanding, even if it is supposed to be part-time, and Police Chief Russell must put in extra time to deal with a crime wave that is hitting town. Cassie wonders what it would be like to have guidance from her own mother, as she feels the struggle of navigating motherhood. 

Martha Tinsdale’s efforts to bring more publicity to Middleton inadvertently create a viral video which shows Cassie pulling a disappearing act. Although the video’s popularity makes Cassie a star, and by association, Lori ends up making some friends, it also attracts attention that is not necessarily welcome. When online news reporter Henry Kael comes in search of a story, it’s pretty clear that he may not care as much for the truth as he does for sensationalism. Cassie is taken aback when her estranged foster mother Doris turns up unexpectedly at her store. 

George is hit hard by the death of an old friend. He was looking forward to the vacation, but then his inability to fix the rattle of Cassie’s transmission makes him question his abilities and he decides that he is too old to go on vacation, much to the disappointment of Gwen, who was looking forward to joining them on their first family vacation. When Brandon is delayed at school because of a project, it looks like the final nail in the coffin for their much-needed vacation.

Lori’s new friends turn out to be responsible for the crime wave in the town. To make matters worse, when she gives them time to do the right thing and turn themselves in, they frame her instead. 

When everything looks like they are at their worst, Doris gives Cassie the boost in confidence that heals their relationship and allows her to bring everything back on track again. 

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Cassie gives George an antique multi-tool, that turns out to be just the tool he needed to fix the electrical problem at Cassie’s store, and gives him the confidence that he wasn’t past his prime after all. She had also asked him to be at the store to greet the electrician, so that he was there to know how to fix something that the electrician didn’t. George ends up proposing to Gwen.

Cassie suggests to Lori to go to the cafe to get something to eat. Lori ends up meeting and befriending Katie and Justin. Even though they turn out to be responsible for the crime wave, Lori’s friendship with Katie helps Katie come forward. When Justin breaks into the Bell, Book & Candle, Cassie appears from seemingly nowhere. By seeing the part of Justin that connected with the story of the Winter Bear, and Cassie is able to stop him from stealing and knows that he won’t resist being brought to justice. 

When Henry seems to be writing only about the worst of everyone in his articles, Cassie appears with Grace at the steps of the city library and strikes up a conversation with him. Her calm and firm demeanor convinces him to take another look at the information, but he is still a hard nut to crack, even after witnessing Katie come forward for the crime. He seems to struggle with what to write, until Doris happens to see him. Of course, this is also due to a pin that Cassie had given Doris earlier! Henry writes a much more favorable article about the town and Cassie.

When Brandon was stuck at college without a flight, Cassie’s care package appeared at the nick of time to help a starving student. Cassie suggests that he heat up the cookies, and the scent draws out Tara, and the two hit it off. Later when the family decide to go on a camping trip, it just so happens to be Langdon Falls, the same town that Tara is headed to, so Brandon can get a ride with her instead of remaining stuck at school.


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