I'm a glass half-full kind of gal, so keep the faith.
Stephanie, Running Scared
Stephanie Borden
Biographical Information
Fullname Stephanie Borden
Nickname Steph (By everyone)
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Blue
Family & Friends
Marital status Dating Ben
Relationships Ben (boyfriend)

Sam Radford (flirtation)

Parents Betty Borden

Mr. Borden

Friends Cassie Nightingale
Sam Radford
Abigail Merriwick
Ben (boyfriend)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Owner of the Bistro Café
Series Information
First appearance Starting Over... Again
Portrayer Kylee Evans

Stephanie Borden owns the Bistro Café and is one of Cassie Nightingale's closest friends. Stephanie is an optimist with a sweet, sunny personality.

Season One

Stephanie works at the Bistro daily, interacting pleasantly with her customers and friends. When Sam arrives in Middleton, she is instantly attracted to him and schedules several doctor's visits, as well as taking up running, to spend some time with him. At the Heritage Ball, Stephanie is the caterer and ends up having to spend most of the evening in the kitchen, but Sam makes sure she still enjoys herself and they dance. Later, she and Sam make a date to go to dinner at a French restaurant, but Sam gets held up when Abigail hurts her ankle and Stephanie gets tired if waiting and leaves the restaurant. When Sam apologizes, though, she gives him another chance and they have dinner at his house. When Linda comes to Middleton, Stephanie finds that Sam has too many complications to be in a relationship with her, but the two are happily friends.

Towards the end of the season, Stephanie hears that a coffeehouse-chain, Java Shed, is coming to Middleton. She is very upset by the news, because she is afraid that they will take all of her business. However, when she takes a closer look at the franchise, she realizes that she has more to offer than they do and knows that she can handle the competition, though Java Shed ends up not breaking ground in Middleton, anyway.