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Premiere Date April 30, 2017
Finale Date July 2, 2017
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Season 3 of Good Witch premiered on April 30, 2017, on the Hallmark Channel in the United States.

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Middleton gets transformed into a town where, "it's always the day before Halloween" when the author of a series of magic-and-romance-filled novels comes to Grey House to celebrate the release of her newest book, titled, "The Enchantress Unites". But it's Cassie who ends up doing the uniting, bringing together the people of Middleton to put on the special event (and helping the author find a love of her own) while also coming to a special realization about Sam.

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Episodes Edit

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Broadcast date #
A Budding Romance
April 30, 2017 21
Without Magic for a Spell
May 7, 2017 22
Day After Day
May 14, 2017 23
How to Say, "I Love!"
May 21, 2017 24
A Birthday Wish
May 28, 2017 25

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