I thrive in chaos.
Sam Radford
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Biographical Information
Fullname Dr. Samuel William Radford
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair color Dark blonde
Eye color Blue
Family & Friends
Marital status Engaged to Cassie Nightingale
Spouse(s) Linda Wallace (ex-wife)
Cassie Nightingale (fiance)
Children Nick Radford (son)
Grace Russell (step-daughter)
Siblings Joanne Radford (sister)
Friends Ryan Elliott
Cassie Nightingale (fianceè)
Stephanie Borden
Abigail Pershing
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Physician
Affiliation Family Clinic
Employees Eve
Series Information
First appearance Starting Over...Again
Portrayer James Denton

Sam Radford is a doctor and owns the only medical practice in Middleton. He attended Johns Hopkins University and graduated in three years at the top of his class. Prior to moving to Middleton, Sam was a trauma surgeon in New York. He also published a text book and served on several hospital boards.