Nick and Grace
Characters: Nick Radford and Grace Russell
Type of Pairing: Friendly, Flirtatious
First Met: Starting Over...Again
Started: Starting Over...Again (neighbors/rivals)
Together We Stand... (friendly)
Other Information
Status: Ongoing
Portrayed by: Bailee Madison and Rhys Matthew Bond

Nick and Grace is the friendship and romantic pairing between Nick Radford and Grace Russell in Good Witch.

Their ship-name, as created by the fandom, is Nace.

Relationship Edit

Nick and Grace are currently best friends and neighbors. They originally had a complicated rival relationship, as Grace thought Nick was just a spoiled, pampered, playboy kid from New York, and he thought she was a stuck-up nerd. As they began getting to know each other, Grace saw the potential in him - even after he framed her for theft and lied about helping Anthony. They bonded for the first time during the storm of Middleton, after Grace hurt Nick's feelings by not sharing her food with him. After that, they began to be cordial with one another and eventually, became friendly and then friends. As they grew closer together and shared more with one another, it became evident to others that there was more between the pair then friendship. This forced Grace to evaluate their relationship, and she remained conflicted for some time. It appeared that when they both began dating other people, both Nick and Grace would be upset. In the future, they may become step-siblings due to the romantic relationship between their parents.

Throughout Series Edit

Starting Over...Again

Nick and his father, Sam, moved into the house next door to Grey House. The night they moved in, they had trouble getting the spare key to open and Cassie graciously - and magically - helped them. As Cassie and Sam spoke, Nick had a feeling he was being watched and looked up at a window in the house. He then saw Grace's shadowing watching them, and squinted up at the window.

Running Scared

  • Nick steals the school mascot (Harry).
  • Grace tries to protect Nick but she is accused of theft.
  • After arguing with Nick the next day Nick confesses everything.

Do The Right Thing

  • Nick arrives at the Grey house without warning.
  • Grace asks Cassie to throw Nick out.
  • Nick tells Grace that he 'came for the food, not for her.
  • Grace asks Nick to train Anthony for the 10km run.
  • Nick uses the location in his favor to have fun.
  • Grace plans her revenge and exposes Nick in front of Sam.

All In The Family

  • Amber befriends Grace but Amber is too intense for Grace.
  • While they are doing homework, Amber asks Grace to help her get Nick to ask for her date at the dance.
  • Grace goes to Nick's house.
  • Grace asks Nick to invite Amber to the dance but Nick refuses.
  • Grace says please and goes into the force to Nick's house.
  • Grace realizes that Nick does not know how to dance.
  • Grace offers to give Nick dance lessons

Grace and Nick have a romantic moment until Antonhy interrupts them.

The Truth About Lies

  • Abigail arrives at the Gray house and Nick knows her
  • When Nick tells Sam he is not a receptionist they cross looks with Grace

Abigail sends Grace to certain death to an unknown place fortunately for her meets Nick Nick tells Grace to leave since it is not a place for her

The Storm

  • Cassie has the feeling that Grace and Nick are together
  • Sam tells him that he trusts his hunches but that Grace and Nick are not exactly the best friends
  • Nick asks Grace what she was doing in the cafeteria she says she expected to meet someone
  • Grace thanks Nick for taking her home
  • Grace asks her if Sam approves that Nick answers that Sam does not know anything Grace whispers you ran away Nick responds by saying that if Sam gave him permission he would not have to escape.
  • Grace thanks again to NIck and he really did something good tonight.
  • Nick tells Grace to be more careful in the future since he will not always be there to help her.
  • Grace asks what it means.
  • Nick tells Grace that there are two kinds of people who follow the rules and those who do not and that they are the first class of people.
  • Grace says she does not need your help Nick answers that night if I need your help.
  • Grace claims Abigail for leaving her alone Abigail replies that Nick was there for her.
  • Grace feels guilty about Nick.
  • The next day Grace intercepts Nick and tells her to confess everything he did for her.
  • Nick tells Grace that Sam sees him as a bad boy and will always do it.
  • Grace says it's not like that.
  • Nick tells Grace that he does not have to feel guilty for him and that everything is fine.
  • Grace confers everything to Cassie.
  • Grace is surprised by how good Nick was with her and Cassie tells her it's a story worth telling.
  • Grace cuts her foot and goes to Sam.
  • Grace tells Sam what Nick did for her and that they are not even friends.
  • Grace discovers that Nick only appears to be bad and tells Sam.
  • Grace asks Sam to lift Nick's punishment.
  • Sam tells Nick that Grace already told him everything.

Together We Stand...

  • Grace meets Nick in the library and they greet each other
  • Then she asked him if he finished his essay and he says he answers that if
  • Grace asks about what Nick is up to and asks her what she asks many questions
  • Grace says she just wants to start a conversation
  • Nick says it's unidirectional
  • Grace asks her and why?
  • And there is an uncomfortable and at the same time cute moment between them

Together We Stand

  • Nick is disappointed in Grace for not sharing the food he plays with her and shocks her
  • Nick jokes with Grace forcing him to pay for the food he had stolen to give Grace a lesson for underestimating him and showing him that if he reads books

True Colors

  • Nick meets Grace before going to school and greets her and asks her if she's okay
  • Grace is happy to see Nick happy for the first time
  • Grace confides Nick his secret of being uncomfortable with Ryan and his mother
  • Nick responds to Grace that he has no one to talk to so they both smile and walk to school together and happy

True Colors

  • Grace senses that Nick does not really want to go to New York or Hong Kong and tells Nick.
  • Nick asks her how she knows what Grace says to Nick that she only knows.
  • At the party Grace is going to talk to Nick she takes off the headphones he greets and smiles and also says that she knows he is happy to have stayed.
  • Nick asks Grace if she will ever tell him how she can know things even before they happen.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • They are neighbors and friends.
  • When Nick and Grace argue, their personalities change and they become depressed. Grace's appetite decreases while Nick closes himself off to others.
  • When Nick and Grace have a fight, they walk off in opposite directions. This is evident in the episodes, "A Perfect Match" and "Not Getting Married Today".
  • Nick and Grace almost kiss in Season 3 in a budding romance while studying biology.
  • A photo predicted the fight between Nick and Grace at the end of Season 3.
  • Grace is offended when she discovered that Nick planned to ask for an appointment with Courtney and not with her.
  • It is possible that the cut of the Merriwick flower affected the feelings of Nick and Grace in the wrong way, by making them like other people, as Nick became interested in Courtney and Grace in Noah.
  • Other characters have noticed the chemistry between them.
    • Stephanie Borden thought that Nick was going to ask Grace on a date, and the comment made Grace think about her feelings for Nick.
    • Courtney thought that Grace was interested in Nick romantically, to the point where she didn't want to go out with Nick just in case.
  • He visited her when she was in the hospital after her accident and tried to convince her to give up active outdoor sports.

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