Nick Radford
Biographical Information
Fullname Nicholas Radford
Age 17
Birthday June 11th
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Family & Friends
Marital status Single
Relationships Courtney (Ex-girlfriend)
Parents Sam Radford (Father)
Linda Wallace (Mother)
Cassie Nightingale (Step-Mother)
Other Family Joanne Radford (paternal aunt)
Friends Grace Russell (Close friend)
Cassie Nightingale
Anthony (Rival)
Brandon Russell
Enemies Noah (Formerly)
Employment Information
Series Information
First appearance Starting Over... Again
Portrayer Rhys Matthew Bond

Nick Radford:

Nick Radford is a rebellious teenager from New York. Him and his father, Sam Radford, live next to Cassie and Grace at Grey House.


He and his father start with a different relationship but throughout the series it gets better. Him and Grace's parents, Sam and Cassie, begin to date and eventually decide to get married which does not end well with Nick and leads the audience to believe he has a crush on Grace.

He is very rebellious and it does rub off on Grace showing her she doesn't always need to be so serious. But in season 3 a new character lurks as Grace's friend Courtney and although it's not confirmed some romance is there. Which gradually makes Grace very upset. At the end of season 3, Grace accidentally mentions that Nick wants to break up with Courtney while Courtney was listening and Nick gets angry at Grace

S4E9 reveals that his birthday is June 11th. 

Season 1:

In the first season Nick gets into many problems He steals the school mascot alcon Lies to his father to go to several parties without permission When he meets Grace, he ends up telling her that Middleton is not New York

Season 2:

At the end of the first season Nick befriends Grace In the first episode of the season two Nick defends Grace of some girls who try bullying He and Grace get along very well all season they study together they also do the homework together they tell each other and they give each other advice Things get tense between Nick and Grace when Nick mentions that he wants to go to London and Grace does the impossible so that he does not go by what she feels for Nick At the end of the season two Nick and Grace are reconciled and Nick decides to stay in Middelton

Season 3:

In a budding romance Nick almost kisses Grace but he ends up asking Courtny for a date He quarrels with Grace for forcing him to break up with Courtny at the New Year's party