This is the town where all of the series takes place and is rivaling with its bigger city Blairsville. The mayor of Middleton is Martha (currently), and formerly Tom, and Cassie. Middleton is known to be close to several large lakes, and has at least 1 major river running through it. Even though it is described as a small town, it has its own high school.


  • In "Not Getting Married Today, Part 2" (Season 3 finale), Cassie tells s Chicago doorman that she made the drive in three hours. That puts Middleton ∼200 miles from Chicago.
  • In season 4, episode 8, Noah states that New York City (Fordham University) is 921 miles from Middleton.
    • The locations that are both a three hour drive from Chicago, and a 921-mile drive from NYC lie on an arc curving from Cedar Rapids, Iowa up and right to Green Bay Wisconsin. Making the lakes around Oshkosh, Wisconsin the best fit for Middleton's location.