Martha Tinsdale
Biographical Information
Fullname Martha Lorraine Tinsdale
Nickname Madame Mayor
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Blue
Family & Friends
Marital status Married
Spouse(s) Tom Tinsdale Husband
Children Michael Tinsdale (son)
Dylan Tinsdale Son
Other Family Vanessea (daughter in-law)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Mayor of Middleton
Martha's Sweet Beginnings (owner)
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch
Portrayer Catherine Disher
I will not apologize for changing my mind, nor will I lower my standards. Good enough is not good enough for me.

Martha Tinsdale (nee Endicot), is the current mayor of Middleton.


Martha is an strong willed women and often a little clumsy, making her seem comic.