Grace Russell
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Biographical Information
Fullname Grace Doris Russell
Age 16
Birthday 2000
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Family & Friends
Marital status Dating Noah
Relationships Nick Radford (crush)

Noah (boyfriend)

Parents Jake Russell (father; deceased)
Cassie Nightingale (mother)
Siblings Brandon Russell (paternal half-brother)
Lori Russell (paternal half-sister)
Other Family Abigail Pershing (1st cousin 1×removed)
George O'Hanrahan (step-grandfather)
Tara Russell (sister in-law)
Elizabeth Merriwick (Grey Lady) (great-great-great-grandmother)
Laurel Merriwick (great-great-grandmother)
Friends Anthony (best friend)
Nick Radford

(close friend)

Noah (boyfriend)
Employment Information
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch's Charm
Portrayer Bailee Madison (Good Witch TV series)
Lily-Fay Mowbray (The Good Witch's Wonder)

Grace Russell is the daughter of Cassie Nightingale and late father Jake Russell. Grace shares her mother's gifts of insight and intuition.

She is main figure throughout the TV show. Although he annoys her at first, she and Nick gradually become good friends to the point where she has a crush on him.

In the first season, her best friend is Anthony, but he is not seen again after the first season. Noah is another friend that arrives in later seasons and serves as a romantic rival to Nick.

In the first season, she is 15 and has her Learner's Permit.

In the second season, she is 16, and Sam Radford teaches her how to drive. She later gains her drivers licence because of him. She also begins working as his intern at the office. Although she is (most likely) a sophomore, she is taking AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at her school. As most underclassman would not normally be allowed to take 3 AP science classes, it is likely she had get special permission to enroll in all three classes at the same time. However, in a later episode she refers to her class as 'honors' biology, and not 'AP.'

Although not related by blood, she still calls George 'grandpa.'

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