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Nick & Grace is the friendship/romantic pairing of Nick Radford and Grace Russell in Good Witch . They are currently good friends and neighbors, and will possibly become step-siblings as their parents are engaged.


Season 1

Starting Over...Again

  • Grace watches Nick from his window.
  • Nick realizes that a girl is watching him.
  • Grace asks Anthony for information about Nick.
  • Grace and Nick meet at school when their heads collide.
  • Grace visits Nick at home.
  • Nick offends Grace and they begin their relationship with the left foot.
  • Grace warns Nick not to skip class and Nick disobeys her leading to detention and extra periods of school.
  • Nick tells Grace that next time he will obey her.

Apologies and Memories

  • Nick steals the school mascot (Harry).
  • Grace tries to protect Nick but she is accused of theft.
  • After arguing with Nick the next day Nick confesses everything.

Running Scared

  • Nick arrives at the Grey house without warning.
  • Grace asks Cassie to throw Nick out.
  • Nick tells Grace that he 'came for the food not for her'.
  • Grace asks Nick to train Anthony for the 10km run.
  • Nick uses the location in his favor to have fun.
  • Grace plans her revenge and exposes Nick in front of Sam.

Do The Right Thing

  • Amber befriends Grace but Amber is too intense for Grace.
  • While they are doing homework, Amber asks Grace to help her get Nick to ask for her date at the dance.
  • Grace goes to Nick's house.
  • Grace asks Nick to invite Amber to the dance but Nick refuses.
  • Grace says please and goes into force to Nick's house.
  • Grace realizes that Nick does not know how to dance.
  • Grace offers to give Nick dance lessons

Grace and Nick have a romantic moment until Antonhy interrupts them.

All In The Family

  • Abigail arrives at the Graye house and Nick knows her
  • When Nick tells Sam he is not a recpsionist they cross looks with Grace

Abigail sends Grace to a certain death to an unknown place fortunately for her meets Nick Nick tells Grace to leave since it is not a place for her

The Truth About Lies

  • Cassie has the feeling that Grace and Nick are together
  • Sam tells him that he trusts his hunches but that Grace and Nick are not exactly the best friends
  • Nick asks Grace what she was doing in the cafeteria she says she expected to meet someone
  • Grace thanks Nick for taking her home
  • Grace asks her if Sam approves that Nick answers that Sam does not know anything Grace whispers you ran away Nick responds by saying that if Sam gave him permission he would not have to escape.
  • Grace thanks again to NIck and he really did something good tonight.
  • Nick tells Grace to be more careful in the future since he will not always be there to help her.
  • Grace asks what it means.
  • Nick tells Grace that there are two kinds of people who follow the rules and those who do not and that they are the first class of people.
  • Grace says she does not need your help Nick answers that night if I need your help.
  • Grace claims Abigail for leaving her alone Abigail replies that Nick was there for her.
  • Grace feels guilty about Nick.
  • The next day Grace intercepts Nick and tells her to confess everything he did for her.
  • Nick tells Grace that Sam sees him as a bad boy and will always do it.
  • Grace says it's not like that.
  • NIck tells Grace that he does not have to feel guilty for him and that everything is fine.
  • Grace confers everything to Cassie.
  • Grace is surprised by how good Nick was with her and Cassie tells her it's a story worth telling.
  • Grace cuts her foot and goes to Sam.
  • Grace tells Sam what Nick did for her and that they are not even friends.
  • Grace discovers that Nick only appears to be bad and tells Sam.
  • Grace asks Sam to lift Nick's punishment.
  • Sam tells Nick that Grace already told him everything.