George O'Hanrahan
Good Witch.S01E01.GeorgeO'Hanrahan
Biographical Information
Fullname George O'Hanrahan
Nickname George
Age 60s-70s
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Species Human
Family & Friends
Marital status Widowed
Spouse(s) Gwen O'Hanrahan (wife)
Other Family
Employment Information
Employer Cassie Nightingale (at Grey House B&B)
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch (film)
Starting Over...Again (tv series)
Last appearance The Good Witch's Wonder (film)
Portrayer Peter MacNeill

George O'Hanrahan is a character in Hallmark Channel's The Good Witch series.

George is the father of Jenny Russell and former father-in-law to the now deceased Jake Russell. He has two grandchildren via Jenny, Brandon and Lori Russell. He is also a grandfather figure to Jake's daughter, Grace. He currently works at and resides in Grey House.

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In his early life, George was a mechanic and frequently worked on automobiles. He had a large group of friends, the last of which, Tommy Manetti, died in the later 2000s.

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Good Witch film series Edit

George received news that the last of his longtime friends, Tommy Manetti, had died. This sent Georgie into a depressive spiral which Cassie noticed. She managed to help pull George back from the brink, by first asking him to help fix her car, as he used to be a mechanic when he was younger. She then asked him to run her bed and breakfast so that she could focus on Bell, Book & Candle, her career as mayor of Middleton, and her newborn daughter, Grace. These actions helped George feel useful once again and led to higher spirits and improved relationships with his family.

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