Elizabeth Merriwick-TGW

Elizabeth Merriwick "The Grey Lady" portrait

Elizabeth Merriwick is best known and refer to as The Grey Lady and former owner of the Grey House. She is the great great grandmother of Cassie Nightingale, born Sue-Ellen Brock.

Cassie mentions, in conversation with Joseph, that her great-grandmother was called Laurel Merriwick. Presumably, she is Elizabeth's daughter[1], though whether she was born before or after Elizabeth ran off is unknown.


  1. A conversation between Cassie and Joseph occurs in Episode 2.01 (41:54):
    • Joseph: "My great-grandfather, Henry, was engaged to your great grandmother."
    • Cassie: "Laurel Merriwick".
    Presumably, Laurel is the daughter of Elizabeth Merriwick.

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