Courtney is a good friend of Grace Russell. She has a secret crush on Nick Radford who later asks her out but she says no because she thinks Grace likes Nick, which she doesn't.


After confirming if Grace has a crush or not on Nick, Courtney starts going out with Nick.

After a while of dating with Nick, Nick wants to break up with Courtney because she wants to do everything together with Nick.

When Nick asks Grace for tips she tells him to just tell Courtney but when Nick goes to talk about it with her, she asks him if he wants to go to a party and he says yes because he doesn't want to hurt her.

Later on at Michael Tinsdale and Vanessa's wedding, Grace talks to Nick about him not talking to her yet and when Grace says it out loud, Courtney hears her and gets hurt. Nick gets angry at Grace and storms off.

Season 3: