Everybody can do magic.
Cassie Nightingale, The Good Witch
Cassie Nightingale
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Biographical Information
Fullname Cassandra Nightingale (legal name)
Sue-Ellen Brock (birth name)
Cassandra Nightingale Russell (married name, never used)
Nickname Cassie
Birthday October 24
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family & Friends
Marital status Engaged to Sam Radford (widow)
Spouse(s) Jake Russell (husband;deceased)
Sam Radford (fiance)
Children Grace Russell (daughter)
Brandon Russell (step-son)
Lori Russell (step-daughter)
Nick Radford (step-son)
Other Family Abigail Merriwick (cousin)
Catherine Merriwick (great-great-great-grandmother)
Elizabeth Merriwick (Grey Lady) (great-great-grandmother)
Laurel Merriwick (great-grandmother)[1]
Tara Russell (step-daugther in-law)
Friends Stephanie Borden
Martha Tinsdale
John Dover
Ryan Elliott
Sam Radford (fiance)
Nick Radford
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Owner of The Bell, Book & Candle

Owner of Grey House Bed & Breakfast
Mayor of Middleton (former)

Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch
Portrayer Catherine Bell

Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale is the lead character of the Good Witch series. She owns the Bell, Book & Candle shop on Main Street, as well as Grey House Bed & Breakfast. She is portrayed by actress Catherine Bell.

Personality and Appearance

Cassie is a beautiful woman with a slim build, glossy raven hair and warm brown eyes. She loves and forgives unconditionally, always seeing the best in people and offering help whenever she is able. She has unique gifts of perception and intuition that she uses in very positive ways.


Cassie was born Sue-Ellen Brock to performers who traveled all over Europe. She describes the time with her parents as "magical", but they died in a car crash outside Zürich when she was still a child. Following their death, Cassie was sent into the US foster system and ended up with a foster family that was so strict they "killed the magic", so she ran away and found her own way of life. She attended college and backpacked around the world, gaining new experiences and shaping her personality. When she found out that she had property in Middleton, she took it as a sign to go there and settle down. She moved into Grey House in 2008 and decided that it was where she belonged, at last.

The Good Witch Movies

In the Good Witch movies, Cassie finds her true home and purpose in Middleton. She opens the Bell, Book & Candle and immediately begins building relationships and finding ways to help people. She also remodels her ancestral home, Grey House, and restores it to its former glory with elegant interiors and beautiful, well-manicured gardens.

A romantic relationship develops between Cassie and Jake Russell, giving her the opportunity to bond with his whole family. They eventually marry and welcome a daughter of their own, Grace.


I think knowing how to share our gifts with the world is as important as recognizing what gifts you have to share. Starting Over...Again
Forgiveness is like love; if it isn't unconditional, it doesn't work. Do The Right Thing
A mistake is like a bump in the road. One bump is not so bad, but if we keep making mistakes, eventually we change the shape of the road forever. The Truth About Lies
What makes Bell, Book and Candle special is I get to personally deal with every person who comes in. I get to know them, I find out about their problems, their needs. Middleton's my little corner of the world, I like it like that. The Storm
I'm the great, great-granddaughter and sole surviving heir of Elizabeth Merriwick, the Grey Lady. What's left of her family has finally come home. The Good Witch


  • In season 1 it is stated that she speaks six languages: English, Chinese, Farsi, and 3 others. However, in the season 2 finale she states that she has learned 7 languages. It is possible that she does not count English, as it is her native language.
  • She authenticates art.
  • She backpacked across China and Vietnam.
  • She likes to cook Indian food.
  • Jake was her first customer at the Bell, Book & Candle.
  • Even though she was married to Jake, she never used his last name or wasn't referred to as Cassie Russell.
  • She put Grey House up for collateral to secure her loan for the Bell, Book & Candle.


  1. A conversation between Cassie and Joseph occurs in Episode 2.01 (41:54):
    • Joseph: "My great-grandfather, Henry, was engaged to your great grandmother."
    • Cassie: "Laurel Merriwick".
    Presumably, Laurel is the daughter of Elizabeth Merriwick.