Abigail Pershing
Biographical Information
Fullname Abigail Pershing
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair color Ombre
Red (former)
Brown (former)
Eye color Brown
Species Witch
Family & Friends
  • Unnamed (father)
Other Family
Employment Information
  • Owner of Abigail's Flower Market
    Employee at the Bistro Café (former)
    Office Manager (former)
    Advertising Executive (former)
Coworkers Stephanie Borden (former)
Series Information
First appearance The Good Witch's Family
Portrayer Sarah Power

Abigail Pershing is the maternal cousin of Cassie Nightingale and Grace Russell. Like most Merriwick women, Abigail possesses unique gifts, however, she helps people in a darker way than her cousins.

Biography Edit

Abigail grew up in Greenfield and was raised by her single mother. Abigail's father left them when she was young, and traveled the world on business. Abigail's mother was ill, and wrote to Cassie's parents asking them for help. They never responded, and shortly after, Abigail's mother died and Abigail went into foster care.

She remained bitter over the fact that Cassie's parents never helped her mother, and clung to the idea of making it out of foster care one day. She was placed in a family presumably in Greenfield, that was loving and kind, but they had little-to-no money. Instead of going to homecoming, Abigail made corsages and sold them to the girls who did go so she could afford to buy a prom dress for later in the year.

She kept mementos over the years in a box that she left at the last foster home when she moved out. She went to college and got a job in advertising, quickly moving up the ladder in the company. Years later, Abigial discovered that she had family in Middleton and decided to travel there to meet them - especially after learning she was behind in her rent. Cassie invited Abigail to vist her and her family at Grey House, an invite that Abigial graciously accepted.

Througout Series Edit

The Good Witch Film Series Edit

Good Witch TV Series Edit

She briefly works as a receptionist for Sam Radford and completely organizes his office, though she doesn't accept any payment for her work. Abigail then spends some time working with Stephanie at the Bistro Café, but quits to start her own business.

Personality Edit

Abigail was originally introduced as a dark and mysterious woman, with a layered past and deep-rooted secrets. She came to Middleton to enact her revenge on Cassie and her family, but once she learned the truth about what happened when the women were both young, she changed her mind. She is a very flirty and outgoing woman, often using her charms to push her own agenda and to help someone else. She helps people by pushing them to find their true potential within themselves - often by challenging them altogether.

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